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Trough the alleys
of the ancient village of Castannove spreads the reflected light
of the soaring chalices.
Ancient flavors and traditions evoke scenarios
made of a simple life made of work and small delights.


Amarti Sempre is a line
that combines the quality of our wines blended with the value of our territory that has always been attributed to wine excellence.
Montepulciano, Pecorino, Cerasuolo
are the greatest wines from the greatest autochthon grapes… Amarti Sempre
is the most sincere expression of Abruzzo land. The perfect wine to share with your beloved ones at any time and occasion.

VINO È… the beginning of a success.
It is the line with which Crea Vini has made itself known and appreciated in the world. Each bottle contains the testimony of an ancient history, the history of its territory.
VINO È… the strength, kindness of Abruzzo. Land inhabited since prehistoric times, land of the “people”.
VINO È… means knowing how to tell the Benevento area, the property of the Samnites,
the Lombards, and the Romans.
VINO È… the dance of Salento, middle ground, crossroads of populations from the sea.
VINO È… sun, the sun of Sicily. Land of gods and heroes.

Di Tommaso Family line is synonymous with premium wines but is even more fit with a bond. The bond: father and son, with the territory, between the world of boxing and wine. The bond with the experience gained over time but with the gaze always turned towards the future.


Our family

Italian wine maker since 1975

Biase Di Tommaso winery since its inception has set itself the goal of producing wines with passion, knowledge and respect for the territory.

Its story begins with grandfather Simone who had vineyards, was a farmer and gave the grapes to the cooperative winery. To him the merit of having transmitted love, passion for the traditions and the stories full of humanity that are link to the production of wine, to his son Biase.

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Our philosophy


The history of Crea Vini, however, has its roots not only in the world of wine, but is also strongly linked to the world of boxing, creating a unique history, different from that of any other winemaker.

Create wines by combining the sweat and tears and passion of winemakers with the tenacity and strength of a boxer is what makes the wine of Crea Vini strong and decisive, but at the same time representative of the territory.

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Delicious and spiced. A good glass of Mulled Wine will provide warmth to your body and soul during cold winter nights. A glass of passion and happiness to share with family and friends.

The harmonious blend of spices obtained by natural herbs such as orange, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and citrus fruit peels gives this Mulled Wine intense scents and a unique taste.

Our bagBag in box

The pleasure of a good table wine to be consumed at any time and occasion is contained in our bags.

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The Crea Vini boxing team wins with Stefano Ramundo

Stefano Ramundo of the Crea Vini boxing team is the winner of the WBC-FPI 2020 belts trophy

Awards 2021

The awards received by our company

International Fair ProVine

CREAVINI will be present at the most important international wine and spirits fair in South America from 5 to 7 October 2021
Sao Paulo Brazil

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