Our philosophySport

Each sip of wine is like a boxing match, made up of moments in which style and technique alternate with strength, study and tasting phase.

Biase has, therefore, always been in the world of wine and boxing. His two great passions led him tenaciously to become manager of a small farm leading to success as a real boxer who has acquired excellent preparation. But once the boxer has acquired an excellent preparation he does not stop, it is not enough for him, what he wants is to get into the ring. So Biase climbs into the ring of his life and decides to open Crea Vini, but he does not do it alone.

He chooses to have his son Simone by his side and, like a real master, prepares him and teaches him all the fundamentals: the guard, the style, the technique. So today they are together, united in the test match, ready to face the race. Wins whoever has the initiative, control, pressing and we of Crea Vini want to win.